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LS Central: POS and Complete Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Scalable and Efficient

LS Central (Formally LS Nav) is a flexible, highly scalable software solution used by thousands of companies and 125 countries worldwide. LS Central manages sales from the POS to the back office and head office using the same application. You can track sales and stock live on every avenue.

Simple and Fast

LS Central is fast to implement and quick to learn. LS Central’s streamlined layout allows managers and employees to serve customers with fewest menus possible. Thanks to the role-based POS, each staff member only sees the functionality they need to use for their job. This makes both training and daily usage quicker and simpler.

For Retail and Hospitality

Having one unified commerce platform enables you to track individual transactions from the POS to the general ledger and maximize your control over the business.

LS Central offers total channel integration. This means you can track sales, stock and productivity live on all your channels. Get a holistic view of your customers, orders and business and always be on top of all activities taking place in-store, on the e-commerce platform and on mobile.

Food & Beverage

Provide Timely and Precise Service. With guests expecting a more customizable restaurant experience; dietary and allergy restrictions, splitting bills, meal deals, and fast payment; it becomes difficult to manage efficiently with conventional methods. LS Central’s intuitive layout and data transfer system allows orders to be quickly sent to the kitchen. In the back of house, LS Central’s site manager can provide centralized control over multiple locations as well as sales reports to allow you to adapt your menu to reduce waste and maximize profit.

  • Reduce the risk of Human Error: The LS Central POS sends data directly to the kitchen. Any substitutions or dietary restrictions will be listed with the order, reducing the risk of miscommunication between the staff.
  • Efficient Service: From ordering online for takeout to table mobile payment processing, customers are offered multiple ways to make payments and split bills, in turn speeding the ability to turn tables.
  • Waste Management: LS Central’s inventory management resources assist you in deciding how many dishes to prepare and which ingredients to order. Cut down on unnecessary expenses.
  • Layout: Manage the layout of the POS to suit your venue. Menu and table layout are fully customizable. Servers can have quick at hand information regarding nutritional value and ingredients from Mobile POS terminals.
  • Customer Loyalty: LS Central can easily track customers’ previous orders and dietary preferences. This becomes a powerful tool in providing personalized customer experiences. Customers can also be provided with loyalty programs
  • Mobile POS: Restaurants with large seating space can benefit from the efficiency of LS Central’s mobile POS systems, LS Central operates on any mobile device or any system capable of running a terminal server client.


Whether your industry is grocery, fashion, duty-free, or one that requires even more complex inventories, LS Central can help you run your business successfully. Inventory management is a constant challenge for retailers, and it can cost business if customers cannot find what they’re looking for. Data is another challenge. Although retailers collect large amounts of useful data on consumer habits, inventory, and marketing campaigns, most of them use systems that store data from the POS, e-commerce, CRM, and inventory in separate places. As a result, this data cannot be easily linked, and retailers can’t get a clear picture of consumer habits, and their business health. This used to be the norm for retailers. Not anymore. With LS Central, all channels are integrated within one software platform which covers the entire business. Having a unified database allows you to easily analyze customer trends, to strategize new approaches, and ultimately, to deliver the shopping experiences customers desire.

  • Omni Channel: Promote customer loyalty and engagement both online and in-store. customers can check for stock available in store, create shopping lists and retailers can provide loyalty programs
  • Inventory Management: Insufficient stock will lead to disappointed customers and loss of sales. LS Retail can recommend stock levels for products and categories for all locations. LS Central can also warn in case of unauthorized discounts and invalid returns.
  • Mobile POS: The LS Central Mobile POS will help employees look up information quicker and finalize sales directly on the shop floor. Employees can look up item inventory and manage stock deliveries on the fly.
  • Offline functionality: Operate in a remote area? LS central maintains functionality in the event of internet cut off and will communicate data to the other channels once internet is restored.
  • Customizability: LS Central is a business management solution which is highly scalable and customizable. It is ready for the expansion of your business. Open a coffeeshop in the store? LS Central can seamlessly incorporate the addition into the centralized system.
  • Customers at the Center: With the ability to see customers’ past interactions and preferences, LS Central becomes a powerful tool to provide personal experiences and reward customer loyalty.
  • Never Lose a Sale: Item out of inventory? Employees can move inventory to their store or simply ship the item to the customer directly.