Our Services

ERP and Retail Software Solutions

Companies who are looking to change to NAV from another ERP

Years ago, (like in the 1980’s) we were mainly computerizing manual accounting systems, manual journals, ledgers, One Write systems etc.

The conversion to using a computer was usually accompanied by a lot of trepidation (and sometimes push back) by the staff because they had never even used a computer.

Today, thankfully, the people involved are more computer savvy and sophisticated and engaged and willing to make changes for the better.

New installations typically involve a structured approach (aside from where the actual data is stored – at your office, in the cloud (Azure)):

  • requirements gathering
  • analysis of any customizations that are required
  • programming and testing those customizations
  • training
  • data conversion from the legacy (previous) accounting systems (or sometimes supporting data from Excel workbooks)
  • go-live

The go-live process is practiced several times so that the day of the go-live is normally a pretty uneventful day other than some small questions or issues and the company seamlessly transitions to using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Companies that are on NAV and require ongoing Support

Our services fall into a couple of categories for existing NAV users.

  • Just can’t remember how to do something so we remind them.
  • Periodic activities including yearend, physical inventory counts, disposal of assets, things that companies don’t do on a daily or month basis.
  • Development of new functionality (new reports, information emailed automatically etc.)
  • Using existing functionality of NAV but not currently in use, for example Fixed Asset implementation, Cash Flow implementation, JetReports (reporting NAV in MSExcel), Zetadocs (document storage), CRM

Of the companies that are already on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there are many factors that affect how we implement our services including:

  • Companies that are publicly traded
  • Companies that are not publicly traded
  • Companies that are financial related
  • Government related agencies including health care
  • First Nations
  • Canadian or USA companies

Each requires special attention somewhere including how we access the data, security, where the servers are where we do development, compliance of other laws/rules etc.